Group Profile

      Sunlink Group was founded as Beilian Commercial Company in 1987, and began the development of furniture city since 1989. Sunlink Industrial Co., Ltd., initiating a joint venture with other corporations in 1994, launched Lecong Furniture City, which became the largest furniture city in the World. Then in 1997, Sunlink Group Company Limited was officially incorporated with "property investment-oriented" as a long term development strategy, aiming to develop both in the Mainland China and Hong Kong.
      With 30 years of great efforts, the Group has to date, established a series of “Sunlink” branded properties and projects which has generated long-term steady profit for the Group. Meanwhile, the Group has started financial investment at a proper pace, and so far it has become another source of income.
      During the past 30 years of hard work and endeavor, the Group kept pace with time. It has actively explored new economy in the new era, and gradually developed a balanced Two-Wheel Business Strategy that combines real estate and financial investment, heavy assets and light assets, new economy and the old , and benefited advantages of both Mainland China and Hong Kong. These all together insure the group to achieve steady growth whilst maintaining a solid business foundation.
      During the past 30 years of striving forward regardless of ups and downs, the Group has always upheld the corporate spirit of “Self-Improvement and Self-Motivation”, pursued the values of equal co-operation and active dedication, embraced the long-term goal of “sharing is caring”. Therefore, it has created a proactive and harmonious working environment for all staff. Meanwhile, while creating wealth and value for the society, the Group has devoted itself to charity with a heart of gratitude and reward, and contributed to the prosperity of the region.
      Looking ahead, Sunlink Group will continuously enhance its corporate values through developing the Two-Wheel Business Strategy, will innovate while maintaining steady operations. Furthermore, upholding the spirit of “Giving Back to the Society”, Sunlink will further devote in benefit sharing and Charity, and strengthen its position in society as an excellent and sustainable enterprise that progress with time.